SD Memory Cards, MicroSD Cards and Pendrives

We recover data from SD Memory cards, MicroSD cards and Pendrives

With the lastest hardware and software technology we are able to recover data from devices with physical damage or logical problems.

We recover data from the following devices:

recover files from a pendrive

Any type of Pendrive

  • Standard Pendrive
  • Monolithic Pendrive
  • Mini Pendrive
Data recovery from a Compact Flash

Multimedia Cards

  • Compact Flash
  • MMC micro card
we recover data from Memory Stick

Memory Sticks

  • Memory Stick Duo
  • Memory Stick PRO Duo
  • Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo
  • Memory Stick Micro M2
recover files from a micro sd card

SD Cards

  • SD
  • Micro SD
  • Mini SD
  • xD
  • SDHC
  • SDXC
  • SxS

In the following video part of the process can been seen for recovering dato from a Micro SD that has physical damage. A similar process is performed to recover files from SD cards.

As seen in the video, we not only have the best software tools, but also hardware that allows us to fixphysical damage in SD Memory Cards which other laboratories can not perform.

To access the data, a well-trained and specialized engineer has to de-solder the microchip of these memory cards to enable it to be read by the module of the new system. The following image shows one of our engineers soldering the contacts of a Micro SD memory card (which is no bigger than a 10 cent coin) to connect it to the hardware tool. It is a delicate process and requires a high level of accuracy.

In the image below you can see how an SD Card is connected to specialized equipment in order to recover data from that SD memory when it has suffered damage to the controller.

List of Prices

Logical faults: between $2700 and $8000

The logic failure does not depend on the hardware but on the device's own content. There is never any damage to the device, the device is detected. It may be due to formatting, deletion, boot corruption, partition corruption, virus, file corruption, overwriting, etc.
If we want to obtain results close to 100%, it will be necessary to process the raw content of the device with techniques adapted to each type of damage. Overwriting often causes partial results.

Physical faults: between $4700 a $12000 (Not Monolithic or Micro SD Cards)

The physical failure depends on the hardware and not on the content of the device. There is always a fault or malfunction in the device. Physical failures include:

  •   electrical damage.
  •   physical damage.
  •   humidity.
  •   fire.

Prices for Monolithic and Embedded Memories – Available with consult

Memories Embedded in autonomous systems like audio recorders, musical equipment, IP cameras, etc.

Monolithic Memories included in some models of small sized pendrives , Micro SD cards, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do if I have erased or formatted my device by accident?

Never save new information on the device. Your data will only be recoverable if no new information has been recorded in the space they occupied in memory. Overwriting is irreversible. Disconnect your device and ask us for a diagnosis. These cases are encompassed in Logical Damage.

Why is my memory card not detected?

If your memory card is not detected in the device manager or disk utility, we can state that your memory card suffers physical damage b>. Due to the architecture of these devices, physical damage can only be due to electronic problems or errors in low-level control software. It can only be operated on in the laboratory.

Can my data still be recovered if my memory card has been banged or bent?

The chances of recovery, in any case, are that the main chip where the data is stored has not been broken. The laboratory intervention is necessary, for which we must extract the chip and do a direct treatment to recover the data.

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